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Hello there!

Welcome to the Azuremyst Alliance guild "Chaos Inc" web page. It is currently a tight knit group of friends/working adults who find time in the evenings to dungeon and use the LFR tool to play together.

We would love to have a few more friends join us so we can complete the ranks in all guild dungeons. Our members would also like to conquer older raids (BC to ICC) to run through the content, and of course, for fun (it's a great way to get to know each other and play together.) Cataclysm raids would be great, but there is still plenty of content old and new that we can rummage through.

In terms of netiquette: We would like to be able to focus less on moderating individuals and more time on playing, so what I am saying is: Please be kind/courteous/thoughtful of others in the guild. Common sense is a plus, but hell, we're all a little eccentric :)

What we are lacking is DPS, but any spec (and level) is welcomed in. If you're interested, feel free to send a message a message to: Lathria, Steelepeter, Cecilknight, Lithrac or Xandan (or the LF Guild tool within the game.)

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All levels and specs are welcomed. We do need a couple DPS (specifically two ranged.) Thanks!
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